Who do I contact to find out how to develop the property?

Please contact our realtor John Dick from our contact section located HERE.

Are there roads on the land?

Yes there are paved access roads to the property with approach. Driveways to be developed by owner.

Do the properties have utilities like gas, water, electricity?

Yes they have Gas and Electric to the property line and a Drilled Well.

What types of permits are required to develop the land?

Development Permit
Building Permit
Electrician Permit
Plumbing Permit
As per MD Standard.

How are the lots zoned for use?

They are zoned for country and residential.

Are there any restrictions as to what I can build on a lot?

Minimum square footage with any style as per architectural controls.

Can I combine more than one lot?

No we do not allow combining lots.

Will there be garbage and recycling pickup servicing these lots?

Garbage and recycling is the responsibility of each owner.

Are solar panels allowed?

No solar panels are not allowed.

How many structures am I allowed to build on a lot?

One house and one detached garage as per MD standards.

Are mineral rights included in the property?

No mineral rights are not included in the purchase.

Can I raise crops or animals on the property?

Yes crops and animals are permitted on a hobby basis. They can not be used for commercial.

Can the property be subdivided?

The property can not be sub divided.

What type of local amenities are there?

Check out this page for some of the local amenities.